Michael Bay Isn’t Returning After Transformers 5, Paramount Plans Spin-off with Bumblebee!

Parent Herald reported that Paramount Pictures has plans of making many more instalments of Transformers. Transformers has a lot of material left that will let them make at least five more instalments easily.

There were talks of cross-over with G. I. Joe, but Rosenthal has said that the franchise has enough matter to make its own films and while they are open to cross-over films, they don’t have anything planned for the immediate future.

Paramount Pictures might not be open to cross-overs for now, but they have realized that there is a lot of material for spin-offs as well. The studio has announced that it will make a spin-off with Bumblebee since he is one of the most popular character within the Transformers universe.

The film with Bumblebee is slated to release in between the two Transformers film, which will give the studio time to work on the Transformers films and the spin-offs easily. With Transformers 5 due to be released in 2017, the spin-off with Bumblebee will be released in 2018 and the next Transformers instalment will be out in 2019.

Akiva Goldsman will supervise the plot for the upcoming projects from Paramount Pictures and with such a talented writer at the helm of everything, the fans can rest assured that the plot going to be an interesting one.

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