Michael Bay Isn’t Returning After Transformers 5, Paramount Plans Spin-off with Bumblebee!

Things have started taking shape in Transformers 5. The writers’ team with Akiva Goldsman supervising the whole process has already started looking into the rich history of the Transformers franchise. The Oscar winning scriptwriter will not work on the script for Transformers 5, but will help the other writers in the team like Ken Nolan, Matt Holloway and Art Marcum.

It has already been reported that Michael Bay is going to direct the upcoming film. There were a lot of speculation that Paramount Pictures will not ask Michael Bay to sit for the director’s chair, but then Paramount Pictures realized that the magic touch of Michael Bay was important for the success of Transformers 5.

Transformers 4: Age of Extinction was a huge success and Paramount Pictures is planning on making the upcoming film a bigger success. Michael Bay, having wrapped up 13 Hours: The Soldiers of Benghazi has decided to work on Transformers 5. News Everyday has reported that while Bay is returning for directing Transformers 5 he isn’t keen on returning for another Transformers film.

Bay informed in an interview that J.J. Abrams has said that he was the best man to direct the franchise, but he wants to hand over the reign to another director and move on to other projects. He said that he has worked on his share of Transformers movie and he would not love to watch the franchise handled with another director.

Michael Bay has already informed that the upcoming film will be shot in Detroit and Michigan. The casting call for Transformers 5 has revealed that those interested to come for the casting should be ready to head to different locations in UK as well as other locales in the United States.

There have been talk about the film planning on moving to a foreign location to get the tax benefits, but this hasn’t been confirmed by the studio yet. The filming is slated to start in May and Lee Rosenthal, the President of Paramount Pictures Physical Production has confirmed that Transformers 5 will head to Michigan to start the filming for the upcoming film like the previous ones.

Now that the director and the location for the film has been sorted out, it is time to move to the story that will be depicted in the film. Hasbro has already developed a rich history of Transformers thanks to the toys that they have come out with and Akiva Goldsman and his team of writers have gone deep into it to fish out stories that are popular among the fans, but haven’t yet been shown in the big screen.

Goldsman has hinted that the previous film indicated that Optimus Prime will be heading to outer space to deal with the creators, Quintessons. He will talk to them and try and change their mind about attacking earth and destroying the human race.

There is a possibility that Optimus Prime will get into fight with his arch enemy Unicron. The fans of the franchise have been waiting for this epic fight for a very long time and they are hoping that this isn’t just a rumor.

While Optimus Prime heads to outer space, his second-in-command, Ultra Magnus will be staying back on earth and managing things here along with Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg). Mark Wahlberg had confirmed his role months ago. This indicates that there will be a double plot in the upcoming film, one taking place in space and the other taking place on earth.