Mia Khalifa: Posts A Vintage Photo of JFK, Criticizes Facebook’s French Flag Filter, And More Details

Mia Khalifa is from Lebanon and has been living in the US since she was pursuing her college education there. She has always spoken about her love of the country and has given up on her country of origin because of the kinds of threats she has received from the place.

She had even said that she had thought that Lebanon was a great county with forward thinking people residing there, but then realized that it wasn’t so. She has had Muslim leaders issuing orders against her and has gone on record to state that she is Christian by her religion.

Mia Khalifa recently shared a vintage photo of J. F. Kennedy on the 52nd death anniversary of the president. She shared a photo of the 35th US President having an ice cream and captioned it stating that he is still remembered today and RIP. The post was retweeted numerous times and has become one of the most popular posts on the social media right now.

Mia Khalifa is very popular on social media, but her Instagram account was compromised and she is yet to confirm whether she has gained control of it.

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