Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea Fuel Cheating Rumors, Singer Spotted at Good Charlotte Concert With Calum Hood, And More Details

All doesn’t seem to be well between 5 Seconds of Summer’s front man Luke Hemmings and his supposed girlfriend Arzaylea. The two have started rumors that there have been incidents of cheating. The rumors started when Luke Hemmings was spotted having dinner with Alec Baldwin’s niece Hailey Baldwin.

Luke Hemmings was spotted with the blonde bombshell at the posh Cipriani Restaurant. It seemed to be a date and the two couldn’t keep their eyes off each other. This rumor has upset some fans since it hints at Luke Hemmings cheating on his supposed girlfriend Arzaylea.

The world had come to know about Luke Hemmings dating Arzaylea when they were photographed coming out of The Nice Guy pub holding hands. The brunette’s real name isn’t Arzaylea. She is popular on the social media with that name and hence the media has decided to address her with the name.

Neither Luke nor Arzaylea have ever come out to state the fact that they are dating, but Arzaylea has always been very open on the social media and she has posted photos of Luke Hemmings and of the two of them sparking rumors that they are together.

However, now it seems like the relationship is on a downhill slope since Luke Hemmings was seen at the Good Charlotte concert where he was getting along with another brunette. Luke Hemmings visited the concert with his band mate Calum Hood and he and the mysterious girl were hanging out together.

Ever since these photos came out, Arzaylea has also come out on the social media to spark off some rumors with a photo that she shared on her Snapchat profile and then deleted soon after. The snapchat photo captioned Okay Bear, showed her in bed with supposedly another man.

Arzaylea looked happy and comfortable. The photo also hinted at the fact that they might be naked and in bed together. Arzaylea uploaded the photo and deleted it soon after, but there are many in the media who have taken a screen shot of the photo and have kept it with them for future reference.

The photo showed a tattooed arm and this has made it very clear to the fans that the man beside Arzaylea wasn’t Luke Hemmings. Luke Hemmings has previously come out to address rumors surrounding him and other girls and fans are hoping that he too will have a response for this.

Luke Hemmings has never spoken up about the alleged relationship with Arzaylea. He has never confirmed nor denied them, always preferring to keep quiet and aloof from them. Arzaylea on the other hand has been very public about it.

She recently posted a video that showed the two of them making out at the All Time Low concert. She had also posted a photo during Halloween where she is kissing Luke Hemmings. Although she has said that she had uploaded the photo when she was drunk, she made no attempts to remove the photo once she got sober.

Luke Hemmings has never had trouble with the girls. He has always had women swooning over his smile and his singing talent. Now if Arzaylea is planning on cheating on him, there is a high chance that Luke Hemmings is going to go ahead with the other options that he has. Looks like Hailey Baldwin isn’t one of them, since she has made it very clear that she and the 5 Seconds of Summer singer are just friends.