Mia Khalifa: Posts A Vintage Photo of JFK, Criticizes Facebook’s French Flag Filter, And More Details

The one of the most popular porn star in the world is Mia Khalifa. She became popular since 2014 when she entered the porn industry and has made quite a name for herself in the social media.

Now, if you think that all Mia Khalifa does is to upload titillating photos then think again. She is one of those few on the social media who give an honest opinion of theirs on any issue around the world.

She had recently stood up against the media calling Lamar Odom, the ex-husband of Khloe Kardashian, stating that he was well known even before he was married to the Keeping Up with the Kardashian star. She lashed at the media for snatching away the identity of the basketball star who is struggling with his life after drug abuse.

Mia Khalifa has again come to news because of her opinion on Facebook’s new feature of changing the profile photo into one with the colors of the flag of France. She said that the whole idea is ridiculous because changing the color of the profile picture into some other color doesn’t show any iota of feelings for the dreaded bombing in the city of love.

She said that Facebook’s feature was just narcissistic because users use their own photo to show solidarity about the Paris attack and there’s nothing supportive about the whole campaign.

This remark against Facebook brought in a lot of followers who stood up for the social media giant stating that they are trying to do the smallest of things to show their thoughts are with the horrifying incident that shook Paris and the rest of the world.

While some users even criticized Mia Khalifa for judging others, others poked at her stating that she as a porn star didn’t have the right to judge someone who had put up a selfie with the French flag filter on social media.

There were still others who supported the issue raised by Mia Khalifa who said that there are indeed thousands of people who are using the filter in their display picture without even knowing what it is that they are doing. They see others on their friend list and just follow suit without any knowledge about why this filter has suddenly been introduced.

There were reports that Mark Zuckerberg might issue a statement addressing Mia Khalifa’s comment, but Yibada pointed out every user of Facebook is entitled to their opinion and it doesn’t mean that Mark Zuckerberg will create an issue out of it.

There are numerous updates on Facebook and millions have an issue with them, but that doesn’t stop Zuckerberg from continuing with the change anyway.

Facebook has made some changes after the Paris attack. It had also introduced the Safety Check feature to help people keep a tab on how their near and dear ones are faring if they happened to be in and around Paris during the bombing.

While this feature was widely used after the attack, it has also come under the scanner by numerous people. They are asking why the Safety Check feature was added only after the Paris attack and why wasn’t it introduced for Beirut and Syria and all the other places where people are compromising on their safety in the wake of terror strikes.

Mark Zuckerberg has developed on this and has come out with the decision to modify the Safety Check feature to now include all kinds of disasters. Mark Zuckerberg stated that the Safety Check feature on the 13th of November was added to include only natural disasters, but now it will include human disasters moving forward.