Mia Khalifa Pokes Fun at Caitlyn Jenner, Instagram Fans Heat Up About It!

Right now, news all around the world has been abuzz with talks of Bruce Jenner’s transformation into Caitlyn Jenner, as he finally decided to come out as a woman. He was featured on the cover of Vanity Fair and others while visiting talk shows and other places with hopes of making his incredible story public.

Till now, there have been many celebrities who had a thing to two to say on either side of Jenner’s new development. However, Mia Khalifa simply decided to poke some fun at it. Mia Khalifa is an adult pornstar who has been making headlines lately as sources indicate her porns are some of the most watched adult content in the internet. However, that is not the only reason why she rose to fame.

Apparently, she is of Lebanese descent and being an adult porn actress is something that would not at all be tolerated in her home country. Although she has been acting in porn videos for a year, she has been rocking the porn industry boat and this isn’t the first time she said something controversial and was immediately focused on the news.

She is a straightforward woman and clearly doesn’t suffer from any problems regarding speaking her mind, no matter what it may be. It could be considered as a quality but a lot of people have taken this in a wrong way, especially when she makes her views public.

Recently, Mia Khalifa made some remarks regarding Bruce Jenner’s story on Instagram and this generated some mixed responses. She posted a photo of Jenner on the magazine cover with the comment, “My Nigga went from paying $20 to get in the club to free before 11.30″.

This could have been taken in many ways but she went on and further added, “Beware of deceptions, gentlemen!” She also shared another post where Jenner is wearing a red dress with sunglasses, seated in a car beside a separate article with the offensive and caricaturing headline, “Hong Kong billionaire offering $120m to any man that can turn his lesbian daughter straight.”

From the looks of it, she definitely poked fun at Jenner and there was a backlash, however, a lot of her fans resorted to social media in order to show their support for Bruce Jenner. One of them remarked that “since when is being happy with yourself a bad thing?” and another commenter got even more personal with Mia Khalifa, calling her transphobic and rude.

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