MGM Resorts International Opens Maryland’s classy Casino

MGM Resorts International is celebrating the launch a new classy casino in Maryland. The state-of-the-art National Harbor Casino was opened on Thursday in a pomp and color ceremony attended by Governor Larry Hogan and other world-renowned figures. The casino rumored to be worth $1.4 billion is now one of the most lucrative casinos and Maryland’s’ sixth most classy casino. It is fully equipped with what many describe as the Las Vegas flair.

The vast resort occupies a prime land overlooking the famous Potomac River. It is a ubiquitous site that seems to attract both casino lovers and newbies. During the open house ceremony Hogan pointed out that it is impressive and a one of a kind casino that will transform the region in terms of growth and development. This move comes at the perfect time as many of the locals have highly shown their interests in casino games. MGM’s National Harbor will be home to countless hotel rooms, restaurants, convention space, Ferris wheels, and a big shopping mall. According to its managers, the classy resort is set to be a gem of its kind. The American Auto Association was quick to come up with estimates facts indicating that the resort will attract more than 8 million visitors every year.

The colorful opening ceremony brought together different musicians who showcased their talent. Jabbawockeed hip-hop dance group sent many audiences into a frenzy with their unique and out of this world dance moves. Cirque du Soleil spiced the event with their acrobatic moves. Modernity seems to bring together new ways of doing things in the current generation. This was witnessed as many young people flocked the event.

According to Jim Murren the MGM Resorts CEO, MGM is not playing a unhealthy competition by taking business from other casinos in Maryland. He stated that their mission was to come up with an international destination that will bring together everyone making sure that they enjoy to the fullest. Murren explained that the casino will not only target Maryland residents, but also big other casino fans from Virginia and other places.

MGM Resorts International continues to excel in its marketing strategy. It has been very impressive in the recent times. Many casinos are facing bleak future, but to MGM, the future is brighter. It continues to gain more clients everyday and their business profit keep on increasing. Casino lovers will now enjoy a unique premise with the best facilities that will help them improve their skills and also make a living.