Aroldis Chapman re-joins Yankees in record deal

Aroldis Chapman will make a return to New York this season. The New York Yankees sign Chapman to a five-year, $86 million dollar deal, according to senior baseball writer Ken Rosenthal. Chapman makes baseball history for the second time in less than a year. Last season He helped end the 108-year Championship drought in Chicago. Now he is set to make record-setting money..

Chapman will receive an $11 million dollar bonus this year. He receives $1 million this year and $5 million in each of the next two years. He also gets an annual salary of $15 million a year as well with an opt-out agreement in effect after 2019. A full no-trade provision is in effect for the first three years limited no-trade goes into effect after that no-trade says he can’t be traded to any California team nor Seattle without his consent.

Chapman proved to be a crucial part of a Chicago Championship run. Chapman played in 28 games for Chicago while pitching 26.2 innings giving up just 12 hits and four runs as he struck out 90. The Former Cubs closer averaged 15.53 strikeouts per nine innings while posting a 4.6 strikeout to walk ratio. The Cuban Missle went 1-1 with the Cubs last year. He earned 16 saves during that time. Chapman posted 36 saves for the year with a 4-1 record.

Chapman was solid during his first stint with the Yankees. He posted a 2.01 ERA while giving up 8 runs(7 earned) over 31.1 innings. His speed is used to silence batters while he continues his dominance. He maintains both speed and accuracy while on the mound and as a result, he remains one of the most respected closers in baseball.

The Blockbuster deal of Aroldis Chapman, signing with the Yankees for the second time, shatters the amount of money given to a relief pitcher by $24 million dollars. He now holds the record for highest paid relief pitcher. Mark Melancon held the previous record of $62 million dollars when he signed with the SanFransisco Giants earlier this week.

Rosenthal updated details of Chapmans deal via twitter as they became available.

Aroldis Chapman zoomed a 105.1 mile-per-hour pitch past Andrew McCutchen in 2010. Chapmans’ throw set the record for fastest recorded pitch ever. Chapman clocked 105.1 again in 2016 against Baltimores’ J.J. Hardy.

Catcher Brian McCann commented on the record pitches “I look every time he throws a pitch. I look (at the scoreboard’s radar gun) every time to see how hard it was. It’s incredible what he can do on the mound … You just hope you catch it … I’m as locked in as I can possibly be … The thumb is where it would hurt you.”

The signing of Aroldis Chapman is a potential high-risk deal. The Yankees are taking a chance that may backfire on them. The rewards could easily outway the risk yet with a price tag the size of this one only time will tell. Science says that the body is not designed to throw how Chapman does but that doesn’t mean he will lose his dominance anytime soon. One thing is for certain, Aroldis Chapman is staying in New York for a while.