Mayim Bialik Feels That The Cast Of The Big Bang Theory Is Overpaid, Leonard’s Father To Make An Appearance!

According to TV Line Leonard’s father, Dr. Hofstadter is going to make an appearance in The Big Bang Theory soon enough. There are reports that Judd Hirsch has been roped in to play the role. Leonard isn’t close to his mother, Beverly, who has been portrayed in the series by Christine Baranski. Since Baranski has shared screen as Hirsch’s wife in The Good Wife as well, there is a chance that it is going to be him who plays the role.

Recently photos from the set reveal that the actors have caught some bug. They are spotted wearing masks while sitting together. ET Online has reported Kuna Nayyar talking about it. He said that Mayim Bialik was the first to fall sick and then everyone started catching the flu thereafter. Thinks supposedly got so bad that they had to call for the doctor thrice.

The cast of The Big Bang Theory is like one large family. They work together and party together and also try to stay healthy together. Kaley Cuoco is a yoga fanatic and she makes the whole crew sit for yoga session on the set.

With all the other couples set for their life together, Kunal Nayyar’s Raj is the only one who is yet to settle down in life. The showrunners are now thinking of working towards sorting Raj’s story out. With the majority of Season focused on Amy and Sheldon (Jim Parson) for so long, it is now going to shift to Raj.

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