Martin Promises Interesting Plot Twists In Winds of Winter, Book To Include Dothraki and Valyrian Dialects, More Details

Master Herald has informed that Winds of Winter will pick up five minutes after A Dance With Dragons had ended and will continue with the same tension and drama. Martin has promised fans two big battles in the novel and has guaranteed that they will make for an interesting read.

Martin has also made a very interesting comment on plot twist that will be one of the most interesting that he has written so far in the novel series. There are speculations that the twist will involve Jojen Reed and his sister Meera. Jojen had been stabbed by a wight at the end of the fourth novel and he had then been mercy killed by his sister Meera.

While the Reed siblings were shown in the series, the Reed patriarch had been kept away. There is a chance that he will be shown in a flashback in the upcoming book. The fans have speculated that Winds of Winter might move to the Reed Castle in Greywater Watch or it might have something to do with Jojen’s visionary powers.

With the Reed family being brought into the picture, the readers will move a step forward to finding out about Jon Snow’s parentage. The Reeds were one of those last remaining people who had witnessed the death of Lyana Stark and they might be able to have some clue as to who Jon Snow’s mother is.

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