Automatron DLC for Fallout 4 to Release in March, Will Bring Five New Achievements to The Game

Fallout 4 has been one of the most successful games that has ever been released under the Bethesda banner. The game was released for the platforms of PC, PlayStation and Xbox last year during the month of November.

Just in the recent past, the developers have come forward with an announcement regarding the first DLC for the game. This particular expansion pack has been titled Automatron. Apart from the Automatron DLC, two more DLCs will be released for the game in the ongoing year.

As for the Automatron expansion pack, it is expected to bring some sort of Robot invasion to the wasteland. Apparently, a character called the Mechanist will come to the forefront after the update. It is this particular character that will unleash an army of menacing robots upon the Commonwealth.

One of the robots that will be a part of this army is Robo-brain. This particular robot has the brain of a human being.

The Mechanist might ring a bell as players have come across this name during a Capital Wasteland quest. It was one of the test subjects at this location. Hopefully, the DLC will divulge details as to how this character managed to reach the commonwealth.

Players will be tasked with hunting down the evil robots and killing them. After taking them down, their parts could be used by the players to create their own robot companions.

These robot companions will be fully customizable and players will have numerous options in regards to limbs, armors, weapons and abilities while building these robots. They will be able to choose the paint schemes and voice of these robots as per their choice.

Apart from this, the expansion pack will bring five new achievements to the game. These are-

  • Headhunting
  • Robot Hunter
  • Restoring Order
  • Mechanical Menace
  • The Most Toys

For the Headhunting achievement, players will have to complete Headhunting. Successfully unlocking 10 Robot Mods will give a player the Robot Hunter achievement. Completing Restoring Order will give a player the Restoring Order achievement.

The Mechanical Menace achievement could be acquired by completing Mechanical Menace and building 10 Robot Mods will unlock The Most Toys achievement.

Successful completion of each of these achievements will give 20 points to the player. Alongside the announcement, Bethesda has also relapsed a picture for the upcoming DLC. In the picture, the lone survivor could be seen standing alongside a gigantic robot.

The sole survivor is seen wearing the armor of the Mechanist. His robot companion could be seen standing beside him. The picture has already become the hot topic of discussion at the Fallout 4 community at Reddit.

As for the robot, it is believed that it has the head of an Assaultron. Its torso and legs share reminiscence to the ones on a Sentry Bot. The right arm of the robot is believed to be that of a Robo-brain.

EbenHSHD while talking about the robot at Reddit stated that the left arm of the robot is something that has never been seen on any robot. It opined that the open panels on the left arm could have been designed to keep air flowing into it so that the gun that it is wielding does not become too hot.

Hints of silver and blue light were also spotted on the left arm and EbenHSHD pointed out that this could be the first look at the Lightning Chain Gun. Players will be able to attach the Lightning Chain Gun to their robot companions. However, it is still not known whether this particular weapon will be usable by players or not.

The Automatron DLC will come with a price tag of $10 and it will be released sometime in the ongoing month. However, no specific date in this regard has yet been announced by Bethesda. The other two DLCs that have been planned for the game are- Wasteland Workshop and Far Harbor.