Martin Defends Winds Of Winter, Says GoT Season 6 Will Not Spoil It, Let’s Out Scoops To Appease The Fans!

The fans are used to watching Game of Thrones where they use Valyrian and Dothraki and hence to make the experience and the wait for Winds of Winter, Martin has decided to use some statements in the Westeros language.

Martin has also informed fans that there might be some characters whom he might treat differently from that in the television series. This immediately draws the attention to the fate of Jon Snow. Jon Snow was stabbed by some of the men from the Night’s Watch since he decides to work with the Earthlings.

There are a lot of speculations about Jon Snow will survive this betrayal from his brothers and if so what’s in store for the Commander of the Night’s Watch now that his own men have gone against him. It is reported that Martin had decided to make Jon Snow survive the attack while he has been killed off in Game of Thrones.

Martin has also teased the fans saying that he has written a huge plot twist that will blow the minds of the readers. It is likely that Jon Snow’s parentage will be dealt with in Winds of Winter.

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