Jesse Metcalfe Talks About God’s Not Dead 2, Debate Over the Issue Being Portrayed in The Film!

The movie based on faith that released in 2014, God’s Not Dead will see its sequel being released in April. Jesse Metcalfe is set to play the role of a lawyer in God’s Not Dead 2 and he talks about his role in the upcoming film. Jesse Metcalfe might be known to you as the gardener who has an affair with Eva Longoria in Desperate Housewives.

Released by Pure Flix Entertainment, the film will deal with a lawsuit that is filed against a teacher in a public school after she answers a question about Jesus. The lawsuit will be filed so that she can be used an example to others that the educational system doesn’t approve of teachers discussing about God in their classrooms in the public school.

The story of God’s Not Dead 2 is based in Hope Springs where in the Martin Luther King Jr. High School, where Grace Wesley (Melissa Joan Hart) is a teacher. While in class, a student, Brooke (Hayley Orrantia) asks her a question about Jesus. Grace responds to her and this becomes the problem since it gets Grace sued.

The teacher is going to hire a lawyer and this is where Jesse Metcalfe steps in. Inquisitr reported that for Jesse, his faith and connection with God is important. Metcalfe spoke to FOX411 and said that the role demanded a lot of preparation and he had to bring some of the emotional foundation for his character so that it would look like that the character was connected to the case and fighting for it from a deep level.

The film talks about discrimination and oppression and talks about how everyone can get tested by their faith. There are some who might ask why the film talks about discrimination on the grounds of religion in a free country like America, but this is where the film tries to drive home the point. It says that even in a free land, religious discrimination is something that happens very regularly.

According to Harold Cronk, who is the director of God’s Not Dead 2, even in the face of progress and changing society and development, it is the Christian population that becomes the main target for prosecution and discrimination. Cronk said that the Christian faith is being pushed aside and marginalized and films on these issues help the audience to understand the warning sign that are being sent out against the cultural reconstruction that starts with the separation of the state from the church.

Separation of the state and the church is the crux of God’s Not Dead 2. Cronk says that majority of the citizens of the country feel that this line is present in the Constitution that have been drawn by the forefathers, the phrase isn’t a part of the Constitution, but is nonetheless used to keep the Bible away from the law-making.

The phrase was in fact present in a letter that Thomas Jefferson sent to a Baptist minister to inform that the state will not interrupt in any affairs of the religious institutions and. This phrase, however, is now widely used by those who do not believe in the power of God and do not want others to believe in it either.

Jesse Metcalfe said that he derived his faith in God when he was struggling in the rehab. He said that he would occasionally pray to God so that he could get the strength to live through the hard times.