Jesse Metcalfe Talks About God’s Not Dead 2, Debate Over the Issue Being Portrayed in The Film!

Metcalfe hopes that God’s Not Dead 2 brings the people of American closer. He hopes that instead of dividing people on the basis of their religious believe, the country should focus on diversity and should preach tolerance and harmony.

God’s Not Dead 2 has received a lot of criticism.  Christian Today has reported that bloggers have written about how the film focuses on imagined Christian Prosecution in the US something that will never happen in the country. Bloggers have said that the issue that has been made such a huge issue in the film, isn’t something that even atheists will focus on.

Critics have come out to state that such issue of Christian prosecution happen only with by those who are living inside the bubble of Christian prosecution, where even the word Bible might get the one who has uttered it into trouble.

This comment has drawn in David AR White, who is the producer of the film and he said that there are actually more than 50 court cases in the country that are dealing with the same kind of issues that have been raised in the film.

Professor Darrell Bock, the director of Cultural Engagement at Dallas Theological Seminary has spoken to Christian Post and has informed that God’s Not Dead 2 deals with an accurate picture of the hostility towards Christians in US.

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