Martin Apologizes to the Fans for Not Being Able to Complete Winds of Winter, HBO Showrunners Assure Fans That the Series Will Not Spoil the Book!

Martin has already revealed that Season 5 of Game of Thrones had shown the Red Priestess sacrificing Shireen, the daughter of Stannis Baratheon to appease the fire God, but that didn’t help him at all. This episode wasn’t dealt with by Martin in the fifth novel, A Dance with Dragons and he is going to show the incident in Winds of Winter.

There is another important question that Season 6 and Winds of Winter holds and that is the fate of Jon Snow. The fifth novel and the fifth season had ended with Jon Snow being stabbed by his brothers at the Night’s Watch and he is left to die.

While HBO has come out to state that there is a high chance that Jon Snow will die in the series, Martin is likely to keep him alive since he is going to deal with his parentage in Winds of Winter.

Martin has apologized to his fans for not being able to complete Winds of Winter. He knows that it has been a long wait the book and is also aware of how important it is for his fans and his publishers that he completes the book fast, but he still needs time to complete the novel.

The language expert David J. Peterson has informed that Martin has incorporate Dothraki and Valyrian within the novel to make the feel of the book more authentic. Fans are used to the language thanks to HBO and they will be welcoming about it.

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