Married At First Sight Season 3: Vanessa Struggles With Tres’ Past, Ashley And David Work Things Out!

International Business Times reported that Sam had confessed to Dr. Pepper that she finds that there are two sides of her husband. There is the cool Neil when the camera isn’t around and the moment the cameras are around, he changes. Neil confesses that he tries to be different on television because he is critical about how his grandmother will perceive him.

Dr. Pepper tells Sam to stop being so critical of Neil. She adds that it isn’t possible to be completely at ease with the fact that cameras are all focusing on someone. She also made Sam realize that another reason why Neil is so uptight is because Sam criticizes him a lot and he doesn’t want that.

Neil and Sam’s father go out shooting and Neil is initially worried about the situation, unsure about how to react in front of his father-in-law. Things work out perfectly because the two get along very well and Sam’s father makes Neil feel like he is part of the family.

Sam’s father informs Sam that he liked Neil a lot and that he is a very good guide. Hearing her father approve of her husband makes Sam want to work on her marriage.

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