Married at First Sight: Couples Start Having Issues, Zoe and Alex Hendrix Open Up, Racial Issues Crop Up!

According to Daily Mail the couple candidly opened up about their life post Married at First sight and said that they are looking forward to starting their family. Zoe had a miscarriage in her last pregnancy and while this incident has devastated the couple, it has helped them to come closer together. They are also planning on getting married legally to strengthen their bond.

The experts at Married at First Sight Season 3 got into trouble when they revealed that the African American men applicants for the show had been very particular about not wanting to be paired with women of their race. The show even showed three men from the community who said that they want to be paired with women from other racial communities.

On the other hand, the women from the African American community expressed their desire to be paired with men from the same community. This claim was also backed by video recordings.

According to, Paul Carrick Brunson, who is a well known relationship expert has spoken about this and said that the show promotes wrong sentiments and can be hurtful to the concerned community.

In response to Brunson’s Facebook post, Married at First Sight expert Dr. Joseph Cilona said that what they gathered from their applicants was that marriage has become inter-racial and there’s nothing wrong in it.

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