Jane the Virgin Season 2: Wattpad Novel Title Released, Spoilers Revealed!

The hit series Jane the Virgin was reported to have a novel titled ‘The Passions of the Santos’ accompanying it. The latest reports suggest that the production team for this series has granted authorization for the development of a fan fiction novel. It is adapted from the show’s telenovela ‘The Passions of the Santos’.

The telenovela features Santos in this series and his character is played by Rogelio dela Vega, Jane’s father. Reports suggest that this fan fiction novel will be released on Wattpad. One of the show’s executive producers named, Jennie Snyder-Urman, authorized it. According to the official reports, this novel will feature a dramatic comedy take on the telenovela which is showcased in this series.

The description tells us that we should prepare to get started on the greatest love story ever told. It will relate to us, the tale of Santos, the President of North Ecuaduras, and Blanca, and the daughter of a poor farmer.

Santos and Bianca will need to take on the high seas, re-unite with relatives who were long-lost, fight their way through evil pirates and much more. The story will feature chaos, betrayal, blood, murder but most of all, there will be a true sense of passion.

The first five chapters of the novel can already be accessed by the fans of this series. They can spend some time doing this while they wait for the return of this hit series.

The details of the upcoming plot of this series are yet to be revealed. However, the midseason premiere teasers have already been revealed. According to the teaser, the upcoming focus on Jane and her grandfather. Jane will finally have some progress in her love life along with the wedding.

After a lot of speculations, it has been suggested that fans will come to know a lot more details regarding who Jane will finally end up with. It was also revealed that Jane will learn some secrets about her grandfather.

In the trailer, Jane’s grandmother revealed that her grandfather is gay and he left her for a man. For all you patient fans out there, season 2 of Jane the Virgin will return on January next year.

Jane the Virgin is now facing a mid-season break after episode 8; named Chapter Thirty was aired on 14th December. As per the schedule on 21st December, Monday, episode 9, titled Chapter Thirty One will not be aired by CW.

Fans will be able to view this episode, only when it premiers on 25th January, 2016. In episode 8 last week, viewers witnessed that Jane and Rafael were at odds with each other. Jane found out that she set up her ex-fiancé Michael and further got him fired from the job.

Thankfully, the couple was able to make peace towards the end of the mid-season finale and this took place after they attended a counseling session and ended up revealing all their issues to each other.

However, in all of it, it came out that Jane still has pretty strong feelings for Michael. Until January 2016, no new episode of Jane the Virgin will be released. The network is yet to release an official synopsis for the mid-season premiere. According to the promo, there is a lot more drama in store for Jane and her family.

When Season 2 finally returns, reports indicate that it will be filled with juicy revelations regarding Jane’s love life and the wedding and also facts about her grandfather. Fans will also witness the introduction of a new person in Jane’s life.