Jane the Virgin Season 2: Wattpad Novel Title Released, Spoilers Revealed!

A lot of questions will be raised which include, who will Jane marry? Will it be Rafael, Michael or someone new? And will she lose her virginity? All of them will be answered when the show returns in January.

When Jane meets attractive computer wiz named Dax, her life will take a drastic turn. Other reports have suggested that she might have a fling with Chavez, her writing professor.

After it is revealed that her grandfather was gay and left her grandmother for a man, Jane is dumbfounded but the news is taking pretty badly by Rogelio. During a dinner table scene, Rogelio tries to say grace while the family gathers around.

However, it seems like he is quite shocked with this latest revelation and keeps making references to his father being gay. Besides Rogelio awkwardly dealing with this news, the trailer also reveals that there will be other developments in the second half of this season. Michael and Jane are seen in an affectionate embrace. The same is seen being done by Petra and Rafael. This might indicate that Rafael gets back with Petra while Jane finally ends up with Michael.

Meanwhile, Jane will be facing some problems with her studies since her scholarship application was denied. She needs to find another way through which she can pay for her education.

Stay tuned for more updates on Jane the Virgin Season 2!