Married at First Sight Australia Might Feature Same-Sex Couple Next Season, Couples Start On Their Honeymoon In Season 2, And More!

Married at First Sight is already a very controversial reality series since it has been an epic failure since the very first season. It looks like it is going to rub more people the wrong way since the next season is going to feature same sex couples. It was Clare who had first suggested this and it looks like the producers have found it interesting.

According to Hofmag, since the couples do not go through legal marriage, there is no issue for same sex couples to appear on the show. With Married at First Sight Australia Season 2 on, there are talks to include same sex couples in Season 3. However, given that Australia hasn’t legalized gay marriage, there are bound to be issues even if the marriages shown on the show aren’t legal.

Married at First Sight USA has finished with its third season and none of the couples ended up together. However, the failure of the show doesn’t seem to affect the inflow of potential participants.

The show had seen two successful marriages in the first season and there hasn’t been any successful marriages since then. It had looked like Married at First Sight will not be renewed, but then there is a viewership for the series.

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