Married at First Sight Australia Might Feature Same-Sex Couple Next Season, Couples Start On Their Honeymoon In Season 2, And More!

Married at First Sight Australia is on and the couples seem to be having their share of trouble. Simone and Xavier made the best start to their married life. They realized that they are similar to each other, they both loved flat whites and preferred to sleep on beds with no sheets and also, they have both been cheated on by their earlier partners.

However, a marriage is way deeper than that and to see if they really work together, the couple has to start getting to know each other and make the most of their Fiji honeymoon. Simone in fact found it a little weird that her sales manager husband takes such a lot ofcare of his looks. He supposedly takes a lot more time to do his hair, than she does. Xavier is very particular about his hair and blow dries it every night before heading to sleep.

The second couple, Erinand Bryce start off on a good note, following a smart move on the part of Bryce, who is a business analyst. He invests in a love-knot necklace from Tiffany and Erin is completely overtaken after seeing it.

She couldn’t imagine that he would actually go to the extent of getting a gift for someone, he hardly knew. Bryce goes on to a good start with his new wife since he gets a long kiss in the swimming pool.

Christie and Mark do not get to a good start since Christie just doesn’t seem to like him. She stacks pillows between them at night and things start to get a little awkward in Married at First Sight. John Aiken, the psychologist in the Married at First Sight panel says that it is natural to feel this awkward around a stranger and some people tend to take a bit longer to open up.

Christie feels helpless on her honeymoon in New Caledonia. She doesn’t feel anything for Mark and says that there are instances when chemistry develops instantly and then there are instances when it absolutely doesn’t. Things get worse when Mark takes Christie out for a horse ride, which she is terrified of. However, Mark wins points for talking her down a slope and then handingher a flower.

Clare and Jono also get on a good start. Clare has an infectious sense of humor that wins Jono over. Things, however, get bad when they head to Northern Territory and are kayaking. Jono mistakes a leaf for a crocodile and freaks out.

He starts yelling and gets agitated and Clare steps in to calm him down and tries to teach him a relaxation technique. Jono, walks away in the next instant since he doesn’t like people controlling him.

Clare realizes that she had made the situation worse and hence tries to make the moment lighter. She picks up a snake and starts shaking it around. Jono forgives her and starts laughing at her crazy antics. While Clare is quite smitten by her new husband, Jono doesn’t look very pleased since he didn’t expect a buxom blonde to be paired with him.

Clare and Jono end their marriage in a heated argument at the dinner table along with the other contestants. However, it looks like Clare has had a change of heart since she had shared a throwback video of her ex-husband.

Fans of Married at First Sight are trying to figure out if Clare is looking for a reconciliation. Jono has in fact, been very clear about the fact that he has moved on and is even dating.