Miranda Kerr Shares Memories From Her Birthday, Handmade Card From Her Son, Offers Discounts To Fans!

Miranda Kerr recently celebrated her birthday and she took to Instagram to share photos of her special day with her fans. The gorgeous model shared a photo of a delectable birthday cake that was decorated with flowers and butterflies. The cake wasn’t the only thing that she was treated to.

She also received a hand-made card from her five year old son with Orlando Bloom, Flynn. He even wrote a birthday message for Miranda Kerr. Apart from these, Kerr also shared a photo of a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Miranda Kerr might have turned 33 years old, but she is still young at heart and shared a lot of funny Snapchats using some of the filters available in the app. She marked the special occasion of her birthday by turning on her goofy side.

She shared photos of herself with doggy ears and nose and also with sparkles all around her eyes. She seemed to be sitting with her close friend, Bay Garnett in the photos with the Snapchat filters.

Miranda Kerr treated her fans to some special offers on her range of beauty products on the occasion of her birthday. She offered them 20% off on all KORA products as a thank you gift to all her fans for making her day so very special. She added that it was a birthday gift from her to all of them.

Miranda Kerr has been having a roller coaster week. She had been travelling all over. She had been to Japan for the launch of a beverage company called Suntory’s KURO and was spotted there in a short dress in black and white. She was soon back in Los Angeles and then headed to Coachella Music Festival.

Miranda Kerr has been dating Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel for a while now. She had taken to Instagram to tell the world about their relationship. There has been some speculations about the two dating for a while now, but they were being quiet about it. It was their trip to Washington DC that Miranda Kerr shared and the world couldn’t believe how adorable the two looked together.

Even though Evan Spiegel is 7 years younger than Kerr, they don’t look it and plus Miranda Kerr has gone on to state that Spiegel is very matured for his age and is the one who prefers to work hard and spend time at home instead of dining out every day.

Miranda Kerr has been very particular about keeping the different guys she has been dating away from her son, Flynn. It was pact that she and Orlando Bloom had made; that they wouldn’t make Flynn meet someone, unless they felt that it was something serious. Now that Kerr has gone on record to state that she has introduced Evan to Flynn and Orlando, it looks like the two are indeed serious and the rumors of their engagement looks like a possibility.

Charlotte Tilbury, who is the make-up artist of gorgeous women like Miranda Kerr, Kim Kardashian West and Amal Clooney, has come out with a new range of lipstick shades that are inspired by all the celebrities that she works with.

According to Toronto Sun, Tilbury came up with the idea of creating a range of lipstick shades, since she had been creating custom lipsticks shades to meet the need of her clients. She felt that these shades were something that all women would love to have and hence decided to share them.