Market Reviews of the Oculus Rift, 3D-Experience Makes Up for All the Drawbacks, Gaming Experience Enhanced!

This doesn’t mean that all the gamers who have a PlayStation will be able to enhance their games with the help of the Oculus Rift. The device is modelled to work with the most high-end games like the Eve: Valkyrie

There has been a hype surrounding the Oculus Rift, with Mark Zuckerberg coming out to state that the device is the next big thing and will transform the way we look into things. While yes, there are some experiences that one can enjoy with the device, but there are several drawbacks too.

After the novelty of scaling the Mount Everest or bungee jumping from the tallest building wanes, the user will realize that he is wearing a 1.5-pound headset that is pretty awkward to wear and not comfortable enough.

There are some who say that the feeling of your whole body moving in the virtual space, without it moving in reality, can end up making the players feel queasy after wearing the VR headgear for a long time.

The other drawback is that there is a huge wire that runs out from the device and is connected to the PC. There are other substitutes to Oculus Rift that are cheaper, but then the advantage that Rift has is that its screen refreshes faster, which counters motion sickness.

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