Updates for Boom Beach Released, Introduced Level 22 Headquarters and Supply Chest, Fixed Bugs and Glitches!

Fans will be happy to note that the update for Boom Beach has been rolled out. The update for Boom Beach came days before another popular mobile game, Clash of Clans got their updates. While the updates for Boom Beach were without much glitches and issues, the one for Clash of Clans have seen a large number of complaints from the players.

Master Herald has informed that the update for Boom Beach has brought in a lot of improvements to the gameplay.  Apart from some major bug fixes, the game has also introduced some new elements like the Armory level that allows the players to upgrade their troops as well as a Level 22 Headquarter.

The Armory Level that has been introduced, comes equipped with gunboat abilities that have wooed the players completely.

However, players should know that the Level 22 Headquarter isn’t going to be an easy task. International Business Times has informed that the construction of the place will require almost 5 million pieces of stone, iron and wood.

After the headquarter is constructed, it will provide the player with 20,000 health points as well as 87 experience points and will also unlock the Shock Mine. The HQ 22 is going to come equipped with a War Room and a spa.

The Level 22 Headquarter is going to bring in defense upgrades that will help the troops greatly. It will have units like the Shock Launcher, Cannon and Rocket Launcher, Machine Gun, Flamethrower, Mortar, Boom Cannon and also Sniper Tower.

Those getting these in their gameplay should know that the Shock Launcher can be upgraded in Level 10 while they will have to reach Level 14 to upgrade the Rocket Launcher.

There weren’t very many rewards option in the earlier version of Boom Beach. Now with the update, the game has introduced Supply Chests that contains rewards based on the rank of the gamer.

The rewards can be claimed by the players after they gather five victory points. The new points are added every 24 hours and the players who have a higher rank will get better rewards. This increases the interest in the game and makes the player increase his ranks as quickly as possible to avail the additional rewards.

The Finnish game developers Supercell have brought about a lot of improvements in the gameplay of Boom Beach. Since the update, Gearheart will now enable the players to attack five times instead of the three.

There are intels awarded for the Hammerman Attacks. With the gunboat abilities added, there is now a slight delay after the troops are dead to help the headquarters adjust and use them to attack.

Apart from introducing new features and improvements in the gameplay with the Boom Beach update, it has also addressed and corrected some glitches.

The note errors for Operation has been removed. The error where the headquarter would be destroyed when the Scorcher exploded, has been fixed. Other fixes include the issue with the overlapping graphics and the event dialogues.

There was initially some rumor that the updates will be delayed because there were some technical issues that had to be taken care of by Supercell. However, Supercell has always been known to deliver their products on time and they made sure that in spite of all the issues that the updates were released on the stipulated date.

Boom Beach has been one of the very few games that have continued to receive updates on a regular basis where each updates have further gone to better the game. Supercell has managed to keep the excitement about Boom Beach high by providing the gamers with additional activities outside the game.