Updates for Boom Beach Released, Introduced Level 22 Headquarters and Supply Chest, Fixed Bugs and Glitches!

Supercell believes in creating a community of gamers and hence they go for activities that bring the players of Boom Beach together. There are activities on the social network pages of Boom Beach, which help build a strong community.

They recently had an activity on their Twitter Boom Beach page where they asked the gamers to share their arts related to the game and posted them on the page.

While the art didn’t help the players in developing new strategies for Boom Beach, it did help them see the game in a different light and made for an entertaining activity. If Supercell didn’t appeal to the players, then the developers wouldn’t go on to have games that rank at the top when it comes to mobile platform.

Supercell regularly posts fresh challenges for the gamers. They create new Twitter handle that allows the gamers to go ahead and explore the game in depth and try out new things while overrunning different islands.

It so happens sometimes that the gamers are not aware of the little nitty-gritties of the game and lose out on experiencing the game to its fullest. With Supercell drawing attention to these details, the players have a more wholesome experience.

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