Players Get an Insight On Lucky’s Tale, has an Interesting Interface and Gameplay but Not Challenging Enough!

Oculus Rift might be months away from its release date, but Playful Corp has released its new gameplay trailer for the upcoming game. The game is called Lucky’s Tale and it shows, Lucky the fox, the protagonist of the game, exploring the different features that will be seen in the new game.

Lucky’s Tale, is a virtual reality platform game and like all games in the said platform, it is a third-person game. Since the game is played from the third-person perspective, the game can be explored with the VR headset from that same perspective.

According to Christian Post, the video of the gameplay that has been released online shows how the players follow Lucky, the fox, as he explores his way around the game.

Since the players look at Lucky, they can monitor their moves to make Lucky perform those tasks. Tech Times reported that the players have the ability to control the movements that are demonstrated by Lucky. In that case, the players can look around the game environment and choose what movement they want to make next.

The players have the ability to do wherever they want, which means they can see all around Lucky in the game environment as long as there is nothing obstructing their sight. After the players have taken a look around, they can then instruct Lucky to take his next move and then ask him to proceed where they want him to.

There are several gaming websites that have tested Lucky’s Tale and have come out to say that they have enjoyed the gameplay. They felt that they were moving even when they were clearly seated in one spot.

Paul Bettner, who is the CEO of Playful Corp has said that the developers wanted to make the players feel that they were inside the game with Lucky. With the VR, the players feel like kids who imagine how it would be to be inside their favorite game.

The Playful website gives an interesting description to Lucky’s Tale. It asks the players to join Lucky as he jumps, runs and climbs around a bright and colorful world that has a number of hurdles and challenges.

It adds that the players can join Lucky in whatever a shiny little fox would want to do. With the unique gameplay and the colorful game environment, Playful Corp seems to have created a game that would appeal to a large number of players.

The game is very simple where the players will have to rescue Lucky’s friend, a piggy from the clutches of the villain. To reach the den of the kidnappers, the players will have to cross 14 levels, which involves platforms and pitfalls where the hurdles have to be tackled by either hitting them hard with Lucky’s tail or jumping on top of their heads.

The players have the choice to head underground where they can tackle more obstacles to go further along on a stage or simply stay on the ground and collect gems and coins.

According to Gizmodo, Oculus Rift has worked on the gameplay for Lucky’s Tale. The game doesn’t stun the players with its technological advancement, but it does have some aspects that go a long way in making the third-person gaming experience an engaging one.

For instance, when players lean in, they can get closer to Lucky and have him look up to smile and wave. The players will find it interesting that when Lucky moves through spaces that are tight and constricted, it feels that they are in a similar setup. The viewers start developing an intimate relationship with Lucky.