Make Free And Affordable VoIP Calls with Viber, Know the Tips and Tricks Associated With It, And More

In regards to the aspect of internet communication, Viber has risen to become one of the biggest competitors of WhatsApp and Skype. Initially, the application was brought to life by Israel-based developers but was later sold to a Japanese-based tech company known as Rakuten, for an exorbitant amount of $0.9 billion! Presently, Viber has around 500 million members all over the world.

The application is not only free to download and use, but it can be easily installed on several platforms like that of tablets, PCs, and smartphones. If your device runs on Windows, Android, IOS and even other operating systems like Blackberry, Viber can be installed in it. Viber also comes with a desktop version that includes support for Mac, Windows, and Linux. The great thing about Viber is that no matter where it’s downloaded, it will work in a standalone manner without relying on Web Browsers like WhatsApp Web.

However, keep in mind that if you are planning to install Viber on your PC, you must install it on your phone first. This is because Viber uses only your phone number to sign-up. The number is used for the verification of your account. Once you have installed it in your phone, you can go ahead and install it on other devices. With Viber, you can reject the hassle of adding contacts to your account manually. Once installed, the application will start an automatic search on your phonebook and identify all numbers that have signed up on Viber and add them to the app’s contacts.


At the same time, you can access the remaining contacts on your phone through this application. Viber allows users to make free video and voice calls to each other. With a feature like this, Viber has stayed on top of other applications like Line, Tango, and WeChat, etc. The latest version of Viber offers HD-quality calls but for it to work, the user at the other end must have the latest version installed as well. Calls can be made via PC, tablet or phone. Another beatific feature of this app is that it allows calls to be transferred from one device to another without any problems at all.

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