Mafia 3 Teased By Rick Pasqualone, Listed Online In Play-Asia, And More

On the other hand, the first tweet could have been a mistake on his part. It is possible that the studio got in touch with him and demanded that he kept quiet for now. Critics have suggested something similar because, if Pasqualone is presently working on Mafia 3, he should be under an NDA. It would have prevented him from discussing anything regarding Mafia 3. The situation gets more complicated as this undermines the credibility of any rumors originating from the actor himself. Meanwhile, two months are over, and crickets keep chirping.

In the meantime, Play-Asia, a popular game retailer declared that Mafia 3 by 2K Games could release soon. The rumor began after few fans spotted the game listed on the online website of this retailer. Since Play-Asia is a reputed retailer, fans assume that this is true but at the same time, things don’t seem to match up here.  It is because the description of Mafia 3 is same as that of Mafia 2. It’s highly unlikely that 2K would be using the same description for the latest title in the Mafia franchise. It could have been a mistake on the part of Play-Asia employees or simply another hoax to be rejected.

Stay tuned for more updates on Mafia 3!