Mafia 3 Teased By Rick Pasqualone, Listed Online In Play-Asia, And More

A few months ago, there were rumors started by Rick Pasqualone that Mafia 3 is in the works. He was the one who voiced our protagonist in Mafia 2. In his official Twitter account, Rick declared that fans of the Mafia franchise should be expecting a new title soon. As expected, the post generated a great deal of hype and fans were highly excited about this news. Gamers immediately started speculating the upcoming release of Mafia 3 since there wasn’t much else that Rick could have referred to.

Sadly, this happened around two months ago, and presently there is a lack of further information regarding this topic. Gamers are yet to hear an official confirmation regarding Mafia 3 and the studio keeping quiet doesn’t help it either. After his first tweet, Rick Pasqualone hasn’t made any further announcement, which brings into mind the originality of his first tweet.

According to some critics, it is possible that the actor came across some internal rumors about the developers preparing to work on a new Mafia title. The news was probably released in a premature manner without any solid confirmation on timing.

Meanwhile, the tweet itself was a bit weird. If the studio were going to release news ‘very soon’, they would have started sharing promotional content or teaser trailers by now. It would imply that Mafia 3 is already in an advanced stage of development which means that Pasqualone should have already contributed to the title. If the actor knew something about the game and were expecting the studio to release information soon, he should have been a witness to the game’s development.

As a result, gamers are perplexed as to what the actor was talking about. It could have been a claim based on something solid, or he was just spreading rumors with no official confirmation. Due to the prevailing silence on this topic since his last tweet, both of these are equally possible. For now, it’s hard to decipher the truth involving Mafia 3.