Graphics Realism, Maps, Gameplay and Power of Tom Clancy’s The Division’s Snowflake Engine Discussed, More Details

Ubisoft has finally updated fans as to when they should expect the release of Tom Clancy’s The Division. After months of absolute silence, this declaration is sure to be welcomed by gamers worldwide. During an interview with GamerHubTV, the developers shared their plans regarding this upcoming survival-based third-person shooter role-playing game. There were discussions about its gameplay, map locations, graphics, and length. David Polfeldt, Ubisoft Massive representative, declared that the entire game is a ‘’ big, open, long journey for players to discover.’’

At the same time, he did not elaborate on the number of hours a gamer will need to invest in order to complete this title. However, he shared a lot of important details regarding the New York massive underground location setting of this title. According to Design & Trend, the game developer did months of research on how the Manhattan region would respond to a possible pandemic.

Their complete analysis of the issue has proven to be quite helpful while developing the gameplay. According to the report, Ubisoft indicates that there are chances of New York City being in a complete state of lawlessness if a huge illness outbreak occurs. The general idea indicates that a large portion of the map areas will be available for exploration over the course of the gameplay.

Manhattan streets and alley locations will be present including a highly interesting series of underground tunnels, which are completely independent of the subway system.  Polfeldt revealed that his team found many interesting things happening in the New York Underground. None of it was confirmed, but it is being anticipated that a few of The Division’s members might be living there. Once the final map is available, players will be able to explore these underground tunnels.