Graphics Realism, Maps, Gameplay and Power of Tom Clancy’s The Division’s Snowflake Engine Discussed, More Details

Meanwhile, a plot description has been added to the official website for Tom Clancy’s The Division. According to it, an overwhelming pandemic has started spreading through the streets of New York City and one after the other, basic services keep failing. The society breaks down into chaos after a few days without adequate food or water.

Meanwhile, a classified unit of self-supported tactical agents known as The Division is activated. They are trained to operate independently of command while all else fails. While they fight to prevent the end of society, the agents will get tangled in a web of epic conspiracy. As a result, not only do they have to fight against the effects of a man made virus but also the increasing threat of the people behind it. “When everything collapses, your mission begins’’.

Tom Clancy’s The Division will feature a prolonged gameplay experience, with blistering graphics, incredible gameplay experience and realistic maps. During recent interviews, Ubisoft talked about game’s underground tunnel system along with complex physical assets in the Snowdrop Engine.

Although the map size hasn’t been revealed yet, The Division promises a natural, open-world military experience like no other title. It is one of Ubisoft’s Hallmark Shooters of 2015. Meanwhile, various sources combine to provide a horde of new details regarding this upcoming title. Ubisoft discussed the power of the Snowflake Engine in creating a rich Tom Clancy Universe. Each flake of snow will abide by their laws of Physics. When you enter a building, you will notice precipitation melting on the floors below!

Stay tuned for more updates on Tom Clancy’s The Division!