Mafia 3 Expected to be Revealed at Gamescom 2015, Rumors Indicate a PS4 and XBOX One Release, More Details

fans will be delighted to know that it is slowly moving towards its launch date. It is one of the most highly anticipated titles of the year. Reports indicate that the storyline will focus on the city gangsters and how they wish to survive and assert their authority in the various underground schemes.

According to All Games Beta, Take-Two Interactive conducted a casting call for three different characters born in Louisiana. Reports indicate that these actors were supposed to take on the roles of Franklin, Tony and Mickey.

WCCFTech further reported that these actors will be used for image likeness, facial scan and motion capture. Since March 2012, Master Herald reported that 2K Games is supposed to start full-production for Mafia 3. Sadly, the game experienced a lot of problems during production and this finally ended up resulting in a delay launch.

Good news erupted when 2K Games reportedly closed their Czech Republic main office where Mafia 3 was being developed. The developers reportedly returned to California. 2K further gave off an impression of working on Mafia 3 since they were dealing with numerous crime-based titles.

Meanwhile, the games that didn’t get revealed in E3 are the almost mythical Half Life 3, Mafia 3 and Red Dead Redemption 2. Right now, RDR 2 and Half Life 3 don’t really have a possibility of showing in Gamescom 2015 but Mafia 3 does.

Mafia Games are quite controversial in nature, what with their gritty and exceptionally detailed storylines and adult content but at the same time they are highly praised. They also take a lot of time to be properly developed and this heightens the excitement for gamers when they finally get their hands on it.

The second game in the Mafia franchise came around eight years after the release of the first title. It was 2010 when we experienced Mafia 2 and it’s high time for 2K to release the third installment in this franchise.

The protagonist Tony is Italian but was born in Louisiana and is around 30-35 years old. Tony is quite organized and scrupulous but also equally adept in inflicting harm and creating chaos. He controls the sports betting operations and has a trustworthy acquaintance named Franklin, who was born in Louisiana and in his 20s.

He is described as the most loyal and closest ally of Tony and is confident enough to get things done. Being young, he tends to get nervous and scared in difficult situations and also talks a lot.