Finn Balor Introduced in WWE 2K16 Along With New ‘Create a Finisher’ Mode, More Details

Finn Balor was recently confirmed to be one of the roster characters to be included in WWE 2K16, and 2K released a new in-game image of the star. The image that was shared on Facebook shows Finn standing in front of his in-game character model.

One of the best things about this image that has been noticed by most gamers is its sheer quality and realistic graphical outlook. Earlier, we saw how WWE 2K15 was criticized, and it seems like and it seems like the graphics have improved phenomenally, compared to its predecessor and is much more realistic.

Ever since the fall of THQ, 2K Games has gained the right of producing WWE games. Last year, the graphics were improved over 2K14, but 2K16 seems to be the best in terms of visuals, so far. From the looks of things, the roster will be quite impressive.

2K already asked fans as to which characters they would like to play in the game. The suggestions were as follows under Created Superstars: Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, Hulk Hogan, Sting, The Rock, Seth Rollins, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, CAW, The Undertaker, Goldberg, Eddie G, Randy Orton, John Cena, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Kane 02, and Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

Meanwhile, Balor with a totally clean face makes it even more interesting. In the meantime, fans have been wondering why the image was released now. People are wondering if this was the first screenshot of the game or perhaps an image of its cover. Reports also indicate that 2K might add in the wrestler customization feature in WWE 2K16.

Meanwhile, WhatCulture compiled a list of things that gamers would like to experience in WWE 2K16. These include the addition of further unlockables as player rewards. The realistic gameplay should not be sacrificed for the sake of fun.

The inclusion of more matches for exhibition gameplay and the addition of further customizations in Create-An-Entrance should be considered. The following should be added: Create-An-Arena, Create-A-Title, Create-A-Finisher and creation of female characters.

The General Manager mode should be resurrected, and ‘Hell in a Cell’ should be more fun to play. The player should also gain the luxury to step out of the ring and take their battle off-stage. Last but not the least; the MyCareer mode should be improved.

Meanwhile, rumors indicate that the new version of the game will include a ‘Create a Finisher’ mode that allows gamers to personalize their wrestler and customize their moves. For an added sense of realism, players will also be able to celebrate victories with prizes and belts.

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  1. The reason i told to put edge in the main roster is because he is a great wrestler than roman reigns and his spear is unique than reigns and he is one of the greatest wrestlers that i have seen and edge wasn’t in WWE 2K15 so please put him in the main roster of WWE 2K16

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