Macaulay Culkin: Home Alone Actor Stars in a Spoof, Back in a Movie About Alladin’s Lamp, And More!

The first trailer of Adam Green’s Alladin is now released online. The rather trippy trailer is of one minute and is described as hyper-sensory. There are paper mache sets in the background and according to the Daily Mail they look like they have been taken out of a cartoon. The trailer shows Culkin in a military attire with decorations and a hat on.

Adam Green is very confident about the film and is sure that it is going to be a huge success in the box office. While talking about his plan to rework the whole story of Alladin and the magic lamp, he said that he has always been preoccupied with the symbols of the lamp and the genie who fulfils dreams.

The video takes a very surreal look at the tale and brings to perspective the magical and colorful world of Alladin and the genie. With a 3D lamp in possession, the film will delve into matters of technology, and the corrupt Sultan will highlight the repressive government, along with the other aspects like greed and love that are usual to the story of Alladin.

The movie is set to be released by the end of 2016, but there are no official dates that have been laid out. Adam Green has released the first trailer as a kickstarter project and the video has already collected more than $52,000. This has exceeded Green’s expectation from the project, which had a target of only $45,000.

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