Dance Moms Season 6: Abby Lee Miller Breaks Down While Talking to Kendall Vertes, Maddie Ziegler to Appear at A Later Point in The Season!

Dance Moms is an American television show that made its debut back in 2011 on Lifetime. The show has been created by Collins Avenue Productions and it recently entered its sixth season. Fans can expect a lot of drama from the sixth season and it is being speculated that mentor Abby Lee Miller is set to make a big announcement to the team.

The sixth season has been given the title of New Season, New Rules. Some new members will be added to the group alongside the existing members. It was reported that Maddie Ziegler is busy with a role in an upcoming film by the name of The Book of Henry and thus Brynn Rumfallo was taken in by Abby Lee Miller as her replacement.

Ziegler has become a well-known face since her debut on the television series and her dance performance in singer Sia’s“Chandelier” music video was highly praised by fans. Her initial absence might come as a disappointment to some fans, however they should be relieved to know that she will be back on the show at a later point in the season.

The first episode of the sixth season premiered on Tuesday and it saw the return Brynn Rumfallo who was a guest star in the previous season. The girls were forbidden by Abby Lee Miller from taking part in any kind of extracurricular activities apart from dance. However, this did not go down well with the mothers as most of them were against this move.

The Abby Lee Dance Company or ALDC headed to Los Angeles to take part in the Sheer Talent Special Edition Competition. They were pitted against Jeanette Cota’s Broadway Dance Academy in the competition. ALDC performed a group dance which was “The Girl in the Plastic Bubble”.

This performance nearly ended up in a mishap when Jojo got stuck inside the plastic bubble which made her suffocate for some time. However, the matter did not elevate to a serious level and she was back with a solo performance, “Own It” later in the episode for which she received platinum.

The episode became emotional when Kendall Vertes broke down after being called a “hot mess” by Abby. A deleted scene which was shown by Lifetime shed some more light on the matter. The video showed Abby asking Kendall to make a list of the reasons behind her decision to quit the elite junior team of ALDC.

The first reason cited by Kendall for her decision to quit the team was that she never felt good enough to be a part of Abby Lee’s dance group. Abby was then seen explaining to her that there was nothing wrong with her feeling and it would actually help her to improve the standard of her dance.

The second reason stated by Kendall for her decision to quit was that the girls who are part of ALDC were not getting enough time and opportunity to enjoy life and do the things that they used to do before they were part of Abby’s dance group. Apparently, the other members of the group felt the same way.

It was this that made Abby break down and she tried to explain that she loved each of the members of her group. She then asked Kendall to make up her mind whether she really wanted this as this particular situation will not change no matter what.

She agreed to the fact that the children have gone through a lot over the past few years but also pointed out that all this hard work and dedication was meant for their betterment as it would help them to develop a successful career.