Halo 5: Guardians: Infinity’s Armory DLC Ready to Roll Out in The Upcoming Week, To Include Popular Halo 2 Battle Rifle!

343 Industries have already announced the next DLC for Halo 5: Guardians which is being called the Infinity’ Armory. This new update which is due next week will bring a series of new weapons, maps and armors to the game.

The upcoming update will arrive with two brand new maps which are- an Arena map by the name of Riptide and a Warzone Assault map by the name of Urban. These maps will be reportedly bigger than any of the maps already existing within the game. Apparently these two maps are remixed versions of two existing maps of the game.

Various reports suggest that the Riptide map will feature some vertical catwalks and narrow bridges. The Urban map will consist of a central base where players can move about in vehicles. The central base will be surrounded by some high platforms which can be used by players for the purpose of Sniping on enemies.

The Riptide and the Urban are the remixed versions of Fathom and Battle of Noctus maps respectively. Their design and execution will be such that they will be completely different from the original maps.

Apart from this, the immensely popular Halo 2 famed Battle Rifle will be making a comeback to the Halo franchise through the upcoming expansion pack. the Halo 2 Battle Rifle which was first added to the franchise back in 2004 has been one of most popular weapons among fans and also one of the most requested weapons to be incorporated into Halo 5: Guardians.

This weapon will become unlockable in the Warzone after the application of the upcoming patch to the game. Players will be able to unlock it and use it while taking on enemies in the Warzone mode of the game. Players can recreate Halo 2 maps using the Forge Mode and the Halo 2 Battle Rifle can be incorporated into these maps by them.

Some new armors are also headed towards fans through the update and these are- the Atlas, the Achilles and the Mark V Alpha armors. A new version of the Covenant Carbine Rifle will also be added to the game via the update.

Players will be able to earn these armors by completing certain achievements within the game. Completing certain levels in the Spartan Company Master Commendations will unlock the Achilles Armor and Helmet. The Spartan Company Master Commendations will be added to the game through the Infinity’s Armory DLC.

Two new assassination techniques- Wind Up and Stop Stabbing Yourself are also going to be added to the game through the upcoming expansion pack.

The Forge Mode of the game will also be updated through the expansion pack. It was recently reported that an Object Groups had made appearance within the game as a result of a glitch and the developers have come forward with the news that the Object Groups will actually be added through the upcoming DLC.

It was also stated that the Object Groups page will consist of several prefabs which will make the task of map creation easier than ever. Players will be able to create, save and share structures with the help of this new prefab feature.

Tom French, the UGC Design Lead is of the opinion that that this new feature will be a major addition to the game as players will not only be able to create structures with the help of this mode, they will also be able to share them with the Forge community.

He stated that this can open the door to a new method of Forging in which players need not build up entire structures. Instead they can build up bits and pieces of the structures and share them in the community which can then be used by other players in their own creations within the game.