Halo 5: Guardians: Infinity’s Armory DLC Ready to Roll Out in The Upcoming Week, To Include Popular Halo 2 Battle Rifle!

The reworked Forge Mode will consist of all the items and vehicles that players earn in the REQ packs. Players will have access to over 1700 objects along with real light sources, fixtures, primary, secondary and tertiary colors in the new Forge.

The respawn timer in the Warzone mode will be increased from the current 5 seconds to 20 seconds which will allow players to have more time to get back to their dead bodies after respawning to retrieve the weapon that they were wielding before their death.

Two new weapon skins- EHH, ARR and LOCK and LOADED are also headed towards fans with the latest update.

In other news, just in the recent past it was confirmed by 343 Industries that the developers are hard at work to develop a new community playlist and also some new classic game types for Halo 5.

Josh Holmes, the Executive Producer of Halo 5 stated that the new classic game types are currently in their testing stages and are likely to release by the end of February.

This announcement has resulted in fans engaging in speculations regarding the classic game types that might be released by the developers. However, no specific details regarding them apart from their release date has been divulged by the developers yet.

Stay tuned for more update on Halo 5: Guardians.