Luke Hemmings: Reveals About The Band Members Fighting, Their Second Album And About Having A Crush On Selena Gomez, More Details

The new album that 5 Seconds of Summer is working on, have dealt with various themes. Kpopstarz revealed that Luke Hemmings said that this being the second album they are working on have really shown how the boys have matured with time and how their music has evolved.

The boys said that the new album Sounds Good Feels Good has worked on themes that are very close to the boys. They have dealt with love and heartbreaks. The very fact that the boys have dealt with love themes might indicate that the band is opening up to romance.

5 Seconds of Summer had a strict no girlfriend policy, but then Ashton Irwin went ahead and got himself a girlfriend. There have been a lot of speculation about whether Luke Hemmings will end up getting a girlfriend, but he has avoided all such talks.

In a recent interview with ETOnline, Ashton Irwin let out a scoop that Luke Hemmings has a huge crush on Selena Gomez and that he even secretly writes poems addressed to her. This has got fans sitting up and wondering, if Selena Gomez who is currently single listening to it and whether she is keen on getting to know the hunk.

5 Seconds of Summer is a band that has surely made their mark felt in the world of music. Leave a comment and share your thoughts on Luke Hemmings and the other boys.