Luke Hemmings: Reveals About The Band Members Fighting, Their Second Album And About Having A Crush On Selena Gomez, More Details

The heartthrob of rock music is the lead guitarist and singer of 5 Seconds of Summer. Luke Hemmings and the other members of the band and currently wrapping up their first solo tour, Rock Out With Your Socks Out.

The Australian boy-band recently performed at the Jones Beach Theater. The show was started by Hey Violent, a Los Angeles based rock band and then the 5SOS took on the stage, belting one chart-topper after another.

They played their new single She’s Kinda Hot as well as a few covers including Green Day’s American Idiot. The party got started when the boys started playing End Up Here. The boys had a great time on stage. They were seen sharing jokes and laughing in between songs. The boys had their mothers cheering them on from the crowd.

This was the first time that the boys had a sold out performance in the New York metro area according to The Village Voice. This performance took places days after 5 Seconds of Summer performed at the Teen Choice Awards where they were nominated for a number of awards, but lost out on all of them to Once Direction.

Luke Hemmings in a recent interview had revealed that the boys have a lot of fights and internal strives, but they are close enough to get ahead of their mutual differences and come together.

5 Seconds of Summer are busy working on their second album that will be called Sounds Good Feels Good. The boys have been working hard creating music by hiding out in an LA mansion.

Luke Hemmings revealed that the ideating process gets tough because all of them have such strong opinions about the things they want to write. They have fights and clashes, but he attributes these situations to the final quality of the music.

He said that if the boys didn’t fight while working on creating new music then they wouldn’t be able to make such amazing songs. They would end up creating mediocre songs only. Because they are all so talented and have such strong opinions about what will work and what won’t, they being the best to the table.

Luke Hemmings advised budding singers and bands stating that the best way to find out if their music will click or not is to perform in front of live audience. The audience will be the best judge of their art and they will honestly tell them what’s good and what’s not.

When asked if 5 Seconds of Summer visualizes the songs before writing, Luke said that no one should ever think of the video and write the songs according to what will click with the audience. The song once done will automatically help the images to form.

Luke Hemmings also stressed on the importance of making a family out of the band members. He advised youngsters thinking of forming a band that they get along with the others in the band since these will be the people that they will be spending the major chunk of their life together, travelling and creating music.

In an interview with Variety, Luke Hemmings revealed that the boys in spite of having trouble amongst themselves, forget it all the moment they step on the stage and come together to create music. Luke also revealed that the boys are very close to each other and are always on FaceTime when they are separate.