Luke Hemmings: Goes to A Petting Zoo On a Date, Arzaylea Still Not Popular With The Fans!

Luke Hemmings had informed the Rolling Stone magazine that he had met Arzaylea while 5 Seconds of Summer was performing at Los Angeles. Arzyalea had come up to Luke Hemmings and had told him that her favorite band was The Maine. Luke Hemmings was impressed by her and had invited her over to his house.

The two got along very well and then they decided to start dating. The couple was first spotted while they were coming out of The Nice Guy and were holding hands. The media still doesn’t know the real name of Arzaylea, but they know that she is from Austin, New York and that her father is in the music industry that gave her the opportunity to hang out with the boys from the Australian band.

There aren’t many fans of 5 Seconds of Summer who aren’t very fond of Arzaylea. They feel that Arzaylea has a tendency of sharing Luke Hemmings’ photos to rub it in that she was with him. The fans aren’t happy with the fact that Luke Hemmings is dating and it is a matter of fact that they will not like the girl that he is involved with.

However, some have gone further to state that Arzaylea is with Luke Hemmings only because of publicity and she has been hired by PR agencies to create fake drama and share photos to keep the entire buzz about the band going strong.

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