Luke Hemmings: Goes to A Petting Zoo On a Date, Arzaylea Still Not Popular With The Fans!

The secret is out that Luke Hemmings isn’t single anymore. After a long silence, the front man of 5 Seconds of Summer finally decided to come out in the open that he is indeed in a relationship with the girl who goes by the name Arzaylea in social media.

He shunned away all the rumors that the two of them weren’t dating anymore and the fact that Arzaylea had cheated over him and that things were over between them. Luke Hemmings sat down for an interview with Rolling Stones and confessed to being with the girl.

The two have often been spotted together and Movie News Guide reported that Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea had had a zoo date. Luke Hemmings shared a photo of himself with a giraffe named Stanley. The photo that he uploaded on Instagram shows him to be in a happy mood. He is captured smiling at Stanley, the giraffe while petting him.

Arzaylea has always been very active on the social media. She had shared photos of her and Luke Hemmings very frequently and has even faced the ire of the fans of 5SOS. Arzaylea too shared a photo of herself with a horse and captioned it with the fact that she was with her boyfriend.

The two of them had been very quiet about their relationship in the beginning with Arzaylea occasionally teasing the fact that she was with Luke Hemmings. Luke on his part never ever mentioned Arzaylea and didn’t even come clean about his relationship status.

Arzaylea and Luke Hemmings have witnessed a lot of drama recently. There were rumors had Arzaylea had cheated on Luke Hemmings and hence Luke was trying to hang out with Hailey Baldwin and that the two of them might even be dating.

This was cleared when Hailey Baldwin herself came out with the fact that she and Luke Hemmings are just friends. Hailey Baldwin is now dating Justin Bieber so the rumor mills automatically stopped.

However, Arzaylea had uploaded a Snapchat photo that showed her in bed with another guy since he had tattoos on his hand. This got the entire fandom of5 Seconds of Summer talking about the fact that Arzaylea had cheated on Luke.

Arzaylea on her part had fueled the rumor of a break up with status that hinted at it. However, with the whole fandom turning against Arzaylea, Luke Hemmings must have decided that it is time to come clean to the world.

According to Hollywood Take, Luke Hemmings said that it was hard since there is always a tussle about whether to share the information or not. With the couple coming under the public glare, there is hardly a moment when they can share alone.

Luke Hemmings had said that he has changed a lot since coming to the music industry. Initially he wouldn’t have been able to reveal something about his private life in the public, but nowadays he doesn’t see any wrong in it.

By the looks of, it is not just Luke Hemmings who has breached the no-girlfriend clause that the band member of 5 Seconds of Summer had decided on. Calum Hood and Nia Lovelis supposedly went on a date together.

The couple was spotted coming out of The Nice Guy in West Hollywood. Even Michael Clifford and Crystal Leigh were spotted at a screening of Deadpool along with their other friends.