Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea Spotted On a Date, Talks About Friends and The Future!

Luke Hemmings has gone on records to say that his band mates are his support system. After travelling and touring with them constantly, they have become each other’s family and have started to be there to push each other to do better, something that makes 5 Seconds of Summer come out with such awesome music.

Luke Hemmings is still in touch with his old friends in Australia and often heads back home to spend time with them, but he says that he often finds that it becomes more of an effort to be with some of them and things do not happen naturally and that is when he knows if the person is a friend or not.

There have been rumors that Calum Hood is going to leave 5 Seconds of Summer, but Luke Hemmings has refrained from making any comments on this and Calum Hood has denied that he is set to leave the band.

The fans hope that Luke Hemmings and the boys of 5 Seconds of Summer keep making the music they do and that they release their next album after the tour is done. The boys have already teased that they are working on their latest album.

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