Peter Gallagher Comes in as Schmidt’s Father in New Girl Season 5, Damon Wayans Jr. Is Going to Return in The Final Episode!

New Girl Season 5 is believed to be the best season of the series. However, the fans aren’t happy with what they got to see on the episode, D-Day. The beginning of the season saw Jess (Zooey Deschanel) head out for jury duty. Zooey Deschanel was pregnant and she was on maternity leave for the next eleven episodes.

Fans had initially thought that Deschanel’s absence from the series is not going to work and the season will tank. To fill up the place left by Deschanel, executive producer Liz Merriweather decided to bring in actress Megan Fox temporarily.

They had created the character of Reagan for her and she was going to be a medical rep who had come to the city for her job and will be renting out Jess’s room for the while she is away.

The fans of New Girl were angry that they had brought in Megan Fox in place of Zooey Deschanel since they didn’t feel that the beautiful actress would be able to do much justice in a hilarious comedy. However, as it turns out, Megan Fox was a laugh riot.

Liz Merriweather came out to reveal that the team of New Girl Season 5 had never imagined that such a beautiful woman could be so funny. Max Greenfield, who plays the role of Schmidt in the series had also come to tell the fans that they are going to love Megan Fox’s Reagan since she was hilarious.

The fans do end up loving Reagan so much that they didn’t want her to leave the show even if her story arc was complete. Zooey Deschanel was coming back to New Girl Season 5 and fans instead of being excited about that were sad since Fox left the show. The finale of Season 5 will deal with the marriage between Schmidt and Cece (Hannah Simone) and there are rumors that Reagan will be invited for it.

TV Over Mind has reported that the latest episode of New Girl Season 5 saw Schmidt’s father, Gavin (Peter Gallagher) coming in. Gavin has been absent from Schmidt’s life for the major chunk of it and even though he was invited for numerous events, he hadn’t come in, but not this time.

New Girl is able to keep the charm of the series even in the moment when Gavin and Schmidt have their interaction and the first step to their reconciliation. Gavin comes forward to apologize to Schmidt.

Gavin also adds that his son is a very different man from him and that is something that makes him happy. The initial exchange is smoothened out with the fact that Gavin likes the same font that Schmidt ones for the wedding invitation and he is the only person who does so.

New Girl has had the best run up this season, but fans were a little unsure about the plot where Jess and Gavin were made to kiss and make out. It was ingenuous to have Jess kiss Schmidt’s father and then for Schmidt find that out, however, it might have been tackled in a better way.

With the wedding coming up, Nick (Jake Johnson) and Winston (Lamorne Morris) try to fight out and decide who has a better job. Winston struggles to manage the bar while Nick sits put inside the car after he is chased by the car.

The best moments of the episode are present in the interaction between these two. The whole of Season 5 was about Nick growing up ever since his break up with Jess.