Peter Gallagher Comes in as Schmidt’s Father in New Girl Season 5, Damon Wayans Jr. Is Going to Return in The Final Episode!

These moments in the previous episode help the viewers realize that while Nick has become way mature than what he was initially, he is still as goofy as he had always been and that is one of his most redeeming characteristic.

In other news related to New Girl Season 5, TV Line has reported that Damon Wayans Jr. is going to be back as Coach for the last two episodes of Season 5. The news was first revealed by Jake Johnson who shared a post on his Instagram page stating that the vibe on the set is jacked.

Damon Wayans Jr. had become a part of New Girl ever since its pilot was released in 2011. However, he was already a part of The Happy Endings and his commitment to the previous series didn’t let him continue in New Girl.

Finally when The Happy Ending was cancelled, Damon Wayans Jr. came back in New Girl for four episodes and then became a regular guest star for the popular series.

New Girl has always been focused on Jess, but with Season 5 that seemed to have changed with each character enjoying the focus. This worked as the USP for the current season and fans are hopeful that the showrunners will continue with it.

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