Luke Hemmings: 5SOS Reveals Secrets, Hectic Schedule Not Suitable for Relationships, Niall Horan Keen On Working Together!

Ashton Irwin was the only one in the band who had openly come clean about being in relationship. Ashton Irwin is dating model Bryana Holly, but things don’t look too good. Design and Trend has reported that the busy schedule that the band has, is not suitable for having a serious relationship.

Ashton Irwin has said that he has been dating, but there is no time to think of something serious with such a hectic schedule that they have. They can hardly time with their family members, forget doing the same with their partners.This remark has given rise to speculations that Ashton Irwin and Bryana Holly might be heading towards a break up.

With rumors circulating that One Direction might break up soon, there are reports that Niall Horan might get to work with Luke Hemmings for his solo album. Visit this page for more news on this and Luke Hemmings.

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