A Look at the Three Major DLCs for Dragon Age Inquisition, Details of Upcoming Patch 11 with Bug Fixes!

The last story DLC for BioWare’s Dragon Age Inquisition, named Trespasser was released last month and it finally wrapped up the story and offered a more satisfying end to the game. BioWare has released several DLCs for Dragon Age Inquisition for some time and they went through a rocky road while leaving things kind of disconnected and rather odd for people who really wish to complete a game.

With three major Story DLCs, we should take a look at what BioWare has offered so far, for Dragon Age Inquisition. On 23rd March, Jaws of Hakkon was announced and finally released the next day. It seemed like Jaws of Hakkon was only coming to the consoles that Microsoft paid to have it released for.

While Microsoft Xbox One and PC owners received the DLC, all the others simply got a dose of how they cannot discuss when Jaws of Hakkon will be coming to the other platforms. Witcher 3 is one of those very few games that have the capacity to compete with Dragon Age Inquisition and Jaws of Hakkon was released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation, rough around a week after the release of Witcher 3.

In Jaws of Hakkon, players were given a beautifully crafted and a huge gorgeous area to explore along with an amazing dragon battle. However, the story felt rather weak and disconnected. In conclusion, this wasn’t good enough to compete with Witcher 3.

Svarah Sun-Hair, the Thane of Sun-Bear Hold was one of the main characters of this DLC and the Inquisitor discusses strategy with her, during one of the cut scenes. It was three hours into the DLC when her face was seen for the first time.

It appeared like the DLC was surely missing something till then. The DLC actually came with a pretty strong story and set of characters but there weren’t enough cut scenes to introduce a character when you see one. The player needs to swivel the camera around, searching for the best angle to look at the new character he is interacting with.

This is the first DLC to be released and Jaws of Hakkon came with a pretty high level of difficulty. Even while you’re playing in a casual difficulty, it is quite punishing to Level 18 players to go through Jaws of Hakkon. It can be said that with the hard difficulty, players tried to lengthen the DLC after it came with a price tag of $24.99.

Meanwhile, The Descent DLC was pretty good but people started not-liking it quite soon. It was set within a series of new subterranean locations and it appeared to almost be a new game in itself. There was a war-table equivalent featured in The Descent which came with a handful of operations that opened up new locations to be explored.

The War Table should have been used for this, all along. This DLC offered players with an interesting relationship dynamic which appeared to be more convincing than the dull romance options that were present in the main game.

However, in the end of the DLC, it feels like there’s no worth in defeating the final boss as The Descent comes with an improper ending. It almost seems like the developers couldn’t decide what to say next and all players received was a dose of ‘yadda, yadda, yadda…..’ and nothing else.

However, Trespasser was the DLC that people were really waiting for. The plot was quite awesome and it came with Qunari Spies and ancient elven lore which appeared to be pretty interesting.

Meanwhile, people already knew about the punch-line and this kind of spoiled the story a bit. Solas’ true identity was revealed during the post-credits scene of the main game and this was actually meant to be the hook that woos us into buying this DLC. However, this revelation made the plot somewhat weaker as well, since people already anticipated what was going to happen next.