A Look at the Three Major DLCs for Dragon Age Inquisition, Details of Upcoming Patch 11 with Bug Fixes!

At the same time, the official BioWare blog showed us the changes that will be brought in the latest patch for Dragon Age Inquisition. BioWare declared that their goal was to improve the stability of the game and also add a few features to players as well. Meanwhile, the single-player portraits have been removed from the multiplayer mode. Furthermore, another major addition to the game is the Red Lyrium Weapons.

BioWare is quite strict about its release and haven’t provided this to players who are yet to complete the Quest for the Red Lyrium Reapers mini-game. It can be done through a Special Delivery Chest. Other notable fixes include reducing the damage of Explosive Shot. When using Spirit Mark on the enemy, the quest item drop has been fixed.

In other news, it was earlier reported that Dragon Age Inquisition was made available in India through the PlayStation network for a price of 3,999 of Indian Currency. The publisher later confirmed that this was an error and the game has indeed been removed.

Stay tuned for more updates on Dragon Age Inquisition!