Luke Hemmings: 5SOS Reveals Secrets, Hectic Schedule Not Suitable for Relationships, Niall Horan Keen On Working Together!

5 Seconds of Summer and One Direction are known to be pretty tight. The boys from 5 Seconds of Summer were on a talk show in Australia, when they let out some secrets about the British boy band One Direction.

Luke Hemmings and the boys spoke their hearts out at the Alan Carr Chatty Man show. The 5 Seconds of Summer revealed that Harry Styles has an uncanny habit of roaming around naked in the house and on their tours the boys from the two bands have come so close that they are least bothered about maintaining propriety.

Harry Styles has the reputation of roaming around completely naked even in between performances when he is backstage.In one such occasion, as revealed by Luke Hemmings and the other boys from 5 Seconds of Summer, something very hilarious had happened. Luke Hemming’s mother was visiting the boys. She was at their home, when Harry Styles was trying out his new Segway.

There was Harry Styles on his new Segway, stark naked and the moment he came out the room, he saw Luke Hemmings’ mother stand right in front of him. He was so weirded out that he didn’t know what to do. Michael Clifford burst out laughing when he tried to explain the situation, stating how funny it was with Harry Styles trying to cover things and at the same time figuring out the Segway and making it turn.

When the boys of 5 Seconds of Summer was asked if they have indulged in nudity while on tour, all the boys agreed to it. They said that they have indulged in nudity while they are on their tour bus.

Unreality TV reported that Luke Hemmings has revealed that there was a time when the constant touring and packed schedule was becoming difficult for him to handle and he would get so frustrated that he would strip down completely.

Luke Hemmings has commented that the driver of the tour bus seen him more naked than anyone else. The first time when he met the boys and they were on the tour of America, after greeting them, he immediately saw Luke Hemmings running around in the bus in his birthsuit. Luke Hemmings added that the incident was obviously weird, but it was nonetheless funny.

In another interview with a radio station, the boys revealed some more interesting things about themselves. The members of 5 Seconds of Summer have always been very open about sharing information about themselves and it is one of the main reason that fans love them so much.

While Calum Hood shared that he thinks a lot and is still a believer of Bigfoot, Luke Hemmings revealed that he would prefer going out and partying with Ed Sheeran than staying in at home with Rihanna. Luke Hemmings’ fans will be pleased to know that Luke considers snapping his fingers real fast as one of his talents.

There has been a lot of buzz recently when Luke Hemmings was spotted leaving The Nice Guy at West Hollywood with a mystery brunette. It was found out that the mystery girl goes by the name of Arzaylea on the social media and she has been friends with Luke Hemmings and the other boys from the band for a while now.

Posts from Arzaylea’s profile showed that her father has been in the music business for a very long time and that is how she has come in contact with the boys.Arzaylea has also been spotted at 5 Seconds of Summer’s tours in the United States with Ashton Irwin’s girlfriend Bryana Holly.

Luke Hemmings when asked what his relationship status was, said that his life is an open PG rated book. This made it very clear that isn’t coming clean about his relationship status and he is informing the fans that his life is not hidden from them and there’s nothing to hide.