Lots of Questions to Be Answered in Mr. Robot Season 2, Showrunner Claims Season 2 Will Be Darker!

Mr. Robot has received a lot of positive ratings, reviews and high viewership but series producer Sam Esmail declared that Mr. Robot, USA Network’s hit psychological TV drama series, won’t be staying on-air for an indefinite time period.

The executive producer declared during an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he simply wanted the Rami Malek-starring show to last four or five seasons.

In fact, he has already planned how he wants to end the story of Mr. Robot. Esmail told EW that he never wanted to show to trudge along, season after season until the ratings drop and they end up cancelling it in the end. He wanted the show to have a certain purpose and according to him, they are heading towards such an ending.

At the same time, he admitted that it is not up to him to decide the future of the show. He declared that he is not confirmed on anything he thinks or said. He further declared that during the entire duration of the show, new characters and storylines will be introduced and they might crash and expand, while taking them into different paths and locations.

He further added that all of it will be considered to be building blocks, heading towards the final endgame. It seems like Esmail is keeping all options open. The showrunner talked to The Hollywood Reporter regarding what people can expect in the upcoming season 2 of Mr. Robot.

According to him, the new season will focus on the question that was left hanging in the last season along with the main theme that surrounds this show. He explained that it is of utmost importance that the show maintains a clear ending and a clear narrative engine.

Esmail indicated that he wanted the series to touch on the possibility that a consumer debt industry will be totally removed. He wants the people to imagine a type of world where everyone is left to their own devices.

He raised the following questions, “What are the economics of that? What would the world look like? Would there be a revolution? Would governments take over? Would businesses take over?”

At the same time, the new chapter will focus on Elliot Anderson and the struggle he faces with his inner self. The return date of this show is yet to be announced by the network but according to earlier reports, Season 2 will release sometime in July 2016.

After Elliot managed to successfully delete people’s debt records, there will be new challenges for him in Season 2. In the upcoming season, there are a lot of things that viewers need to look forward to. Many of these are unanswered questions from the last season. First of all, we need to know the side in which Tyrell (Martin Wallstrom) is on.

Elliot carried out his plans to delete people’s debts by himself. However, after waking up in Tyrell’s car, he comes across the fact that they might have executed this plan together. However, in the first season’s finale, the former Evil Cop executive was nowhere to be found. There was a masked man who discussed that after the hack, people could be free and this might be Tyrell.

At the same time, the man who was at Elliot’s bed could be him as well. Therefore, there is a major chance that these two could have major interactions in the upcoming season 2. Meanwhile, Angels was offered a lucrative gig at Evil Corp. and she became a part of the company’s PR department.