Jennifer Lopez Talks about Motherhood, Love Life and Vegas Residency, More Details

Jennifer Lopez hates being away from her kids due to work commitments and prefers to make sure that she has video conversations with them from time to time, whenever she gets the opportunity.

The 46-year old singer and mother of two seven-year old twins, Emme and Max, love her children a lot. She admitted to taking pictures of herself beside her children’s bed while they are sleeping.

According to her, they know that she is busy and a part of their job is to make sure that she gets enough sleep. When she is sleeping in, her children are very quiet are like “Mummy needs to sleep! She worked late last night’’.

Lopez declares that they are a team. She stated that becoming a mom makes one stronger and gentle at the same time, especially with oneself and this ends up changing everything.

Jennifer Lopez has been romantically linked to Casper Smart, backing dancer but she is quite focused on her work, career and children at the moment. According to the caring mother, she needs to be happy on her own. If someone fits into her schedule, that is great but in case they don’t, that is fine as well.

We are simply 4 days into 2016 and already it seems like this is going to be a pretty big year for Jennifer Lopez.

She has planned to return as a judge to American Idol Season 15 and at the same time, she will be starring and executive producing on the new NBC Show, ‘Shades of Blue’. While doing all that, she will perform 20 concerts as part of her “All I Have” Las Vegas residency, all while being a caring and loving mom to her 7 year old twins.

Meanwhile, Lopez looks stunning in her usual self, while gracing the cover of InStyle magazine’s February issue. Recently, she opened up about how motherhood changed her and how she prefers to work as a team with her lovely kids.

She said, “Becoming a mom makes you stronger but also more gentle, especially with yourself—and that changes everything.” According to her, the children are very understanding of her busy schedule and help her cope with her lifestyle.

She further explained that when compared with an arena, Vegas is highly intimate and she has seen it as a chance for people to spend an evening with her and really get to know her better. She also discussed about her ‘Shades of Blue’ character, detective Harlee Santos. She talked about her human nature.

According to her, most people think that they’re the good guy but in reality, “We’re trying to do the best we can, but we all do bad things sometimes.” When talking about her love life, Lopez declared that marriage is quite far off the scene at the moment and she is delighted to be by herself.

In other news, Jennifer revealed that after her 10 outfit changes in American Music Awards which took place in November, she ended up with scratches and bruises all over her body. The 46-year old easily managed to drop jaws with her skintight catsuits, see-through gowns and cleavage-bearing frocks.

This took place when she hosted the show in Los Angeles, 2 months back. Sadly, her curvaceous body was left black and blue after she spent the night, frequently swapping attires. She revealed this piece of information during her interview in the February issue of InStyle magazine.